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Innovation and design, mixes the concepts of practical and decorative furniture. Available in all widths and colors.



This stylish floating vanity unit allows for ample components storage and makes your bathroom different. It has two side doors along with a sliding door in the middle that joins to the top of the cabinet to give you a greater capacity. Also it has a side unit with shelves to store in towels neatly.

Available in all widths, this model is a decorative symbol of harmony.




An elegant look with a strong focus on style and design. Available in all sizes.
Innovation and creativity for this unit  meets the needs of storage as well as elegance.


This floating vanity unit combines design and functionality to give a touch of style to your bathroom, whether modern or traditional. Available in all widths.
This unit consists of a large top closet with a high capacity for storage and two shelf units for towels .
This unit will give that special touch to your bathroom!


One cabinet furniture manufactured in a high gloss quality which guarantees durability. Available in all widths. Comes in a wide range of colors.
Space and functionality in free standing furniture for all spaces.

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